12.24.180   Notice of hearing to abate.
   A.   Within thirty (30) days of the passage of said resolution, the city clerk shall cause to be conspicuously posted on the premises, where the oak tree(s) are located, a certified copy of the resolution of the city council, which said notices shall be titled: "NOTICE OF HEARING" in letters of not less than one inch in height and shall be substantially in the following form:
   Notice is hereby given that on the       day of     ,     , the City Council of the City of Visalia passed a resolution declaring that certain Oak Tree(s) located or standing upon that certain lot, piece or parcel of land, situated in the City of Visalia, State of California, known and designated as, in said City, and more particularly described as Lot No., Tract No., or name of subdivision in said City, constitutes a public nuisance and must be abated by the rehabilitation of such premises by the watering, pruning, trimming, or other methods; otherwise said nuisance will be abated by the municipal authorities of the City, in which case the cost of such rehabilitation, watering, pruning or trimming will be assessed upon the land on which said Oak Tree(s) is or are located and such cost will constitute a lien upon such land until paid. (Reference is hereby made to said resolution for further particulars.)
   B.   The city clerk shall cause to be served upon the owner of each of the oak tree(s) declared to be a public nuisance and sought to be rehabilitated by watering, pruning or trimming one copy of said notice and a certified copy of the resolution of the city council, in accordance with these provisions.
   C.   Said notices and resolutions must be posted and served as aforesaid, at least thirty (30) days before the time fixed for the hearing before the city council and proof of posting and service of such notices and resolutions shall be made by affidavit which shall be filed with the city council. (Ord. 9907 § 2 (part), 1999)