12.24.110   Oak maintenance fund.
   For purposes of providing such financial assistance as described in Section 12.24.100, and for accomplishing the oak tree mitigation goals as described in the Oak Tree Mitigation Policy developed pursuant to Section 12.24.037, it is established the "oak maintenance fund" which shall be funded either in part or in whole by those portions of fines which may be assessed by the courts, or through the administrative penalty process, known as "civil penalty assessments" for violations of this chapter, and by mitigation fee payments ordered pursuant to the Oak Tree Mitigation Policy established pursuant to Section 12.24.037.  The Oak Tree Maintenance Fund shall be managed as described in the Oak Tree Mitigation Policy. (Ord. 2007-02 § 2 (part), 2007; Ord. 9907 §2 (part), 1999)