12.24.060   Pruning notice required
   A.   Except in cases of emergencies as described in Section 12.24.050, no person shall prune or cause to be pruned any oak tree limb of a diameter of two inches or greater within the city without first submitting a completed oak tree intent to prune notice with the city manager, as provided herein.
   B.   The notice shall be delivered to the city manager prior to the start of the work to be performed.
   C.   The notice shall be in a form as provided by the city manager and shall include the following information:
   1.   The name, address and telephone number of the property owner.
   2.   The name, address and telephone number of the person(s) intending to prune the tree.
   3.   The date(s) of the pruning.
   4.   A description of the tree(s) to be pruned including the approximate size and location of the tree with sufficient specificity to enable the city manager to precisely locate and identify the subject tree(s).
   5.   If the work is to be performed in any public right-of-way, proof of insurance coverage for general liability, property damage, and workers' compensation in case of injury or damage to person or property.
   6.   Proof of the possession of a valid city business license.
   D.   A copy of the notice must be in the possession of the person pruning the oak tree at all times during the course of the work being performed. (Ord. 2007-02 § 2 (part), 2007; Ord. 9907 § 2 (part), 1999)