10.44.030   Warning signs posted.
   The property owner or its manager shall erect authorized signs giving notice of the prohibition set forth in Section 10.44.020. above. Authorized signs shall be a minimum of twelve (12) inches by eighteen (18) inches, with one-inch letters, posted adjacent to the entrances to the subject property. These signs may be erected in such a position to prevent vandalism or theft. The property owner, or manager, shall have on file with the police department a signed consent form authorizing the police department to enforce said ordinance.
   Example Sign: “NO SKATEBOARDING, BICYCLE RIDING, ROLLERBLADING, OR ROLLER SKATING ON SIDEWALK, V.M.C. 10.44.020, EMERGENCY VEHICLES EXEMPT" (Ord. 2012-17 § 2 (part), 2013: prior code § 5804)