10.40.130   License indicia.
   The city shall provide license indicia as required by Division 16.7 of the state Vehicle Code, and it shall be the duty of the fire department to attach the required license indicia to the frame of each bicycle and to issue a corresponding registration card for the licensee. Provided, however, that the fire department may, with the approval of the city manager, allow any business engaged in buying or selling bicycles to license bicycles from their place of business in accordance with this chapter. Such license indicia shall remain attached during the operative period of such bicycle license. The police department shall receive a copy of the record as to date of issue of each license, the number of the license, the serial number, the make, type and model of the bicycle, the name and address of the licensee, and any department during the period of validity of the license or upon notification that the bicycle no longer is to be operated. (Ord. 9517 § 1 (part), 1995: prior code § 6452)