Chapter 8.24
Article 1.  Regulation of Fireworks
8.24.005   Purpose.
8.24.010   Definitions.
8.24.020   Permits.
8.24.030   Applicants for pyrotechnic public display permits.
8.24.035   Applicants for permit to sell safe and sane fireworks.
8.24.040   Permits for pyrotechnic displays.
8.24.050   Permits for retailers of safe and sane fireworks.
8.24.060   Regulations.
8.24.070   Fireworks stand construction.
8.24.075   Storage of safe and sane fireworks.
8.24.080   Revocation of permit.
8.24.090   Appeal of decision on permit for retailers of safe and sane fireworks.
Article 2.  Imposition of Administrative Fines and Penalties for Dangerous Fireworks
8.24.100   Purpose.
8.24.110   Issuance of administrative citations.
8.24.120   Administrative fines.
8.24.130   Right to an administrative hearing.
8.24.140   Administrative hearing procedures.
8.24.150   Administrative hearing—mitigating factors.