5.48.140   Suspension, revocation of driver permit.
   The chief of police may suspend, revoke, or refuse to renew a driver permit if the driver or applicant has, since the granting of the permit:
   A.   Been convicted of a felony or a crime involving moral turpitude, pandering, using, possessing, selling or transportation of narcotics, or imparting information for obtaining narcotics;
   B.   Been convicted of driving recklessly or while under the influence of substances;
   C.   Had their California Drivers License revoked or suspended;
   D.   Had two or more convictions of any of the offenses set forth in Sections 22348 or 22350 or the State Vehicle Code and amendments thereto, or any combination of either of any such offenses, occurring during any continuous period not exceeding twelve (12) months;
   E.   When, for any reason, including or other than the above, in the opinion of the chief of police, the applicant is unfit to drive a taxicab;
   F.   Violated any of the provisions of this chapter. (Ord. 9517 § 1 (part), 1995: prior code § 6563)