5.32.020   Application process.
   A.   A business tax application can not be completed and the fees paid until the following process is completed:
   1.   Step One. Furnish his/her fingerprints and thumbprints, to be taken by the police department.  The police department does charge a fee and the fee will be paid by the individual;
   2.   Step Two. The individual will then send the fingerprint/thumbprint card to the Department of Justice in Sacramento. This card is then returned to the finance office for approval. The department of justice also has a fee for this process;
   3.   Step Three. With the finance office's approval, a business tax application can then be completed and the fees paid.
   B.   The manager/owner must provide a list of sellers. Only the persons on the list will be permitted to peddle or solicit. It is only necessary for the manager/owner to furnish the fingerprint/thumbprint card. All persons on the list shall carry credentials showing he/she is an authorized employee or representative of the employer. Each persons shall also carry a copy of the business tax certificate to be shown when asked for. (Ord. 9517 § 1 (part), 1995: prior code § 6301)