3.32.220   Actions by bondholders.
   Any holder of bonds issued under the provisions of this chapter or any of the coupons appertaining thereto, and any trustee appointed pursuant to any resolution relating to the issuance of bonds, except to the extent the rights thereof may be restricted by such resolution or any indenture authorized thereby to be entered into by the city, may, either at law or in equity, by suit, action, mandamus or other proceedings, protect or enforce any and all rights specified in law or in such resolution or indenture, and may enforce and compel the performance of all duties required by this chapter or by such resolution or indenture to be performed by the city or by any officer, employee, or agent thereof, including the fixing, charging and collecting of rates, fees, interest, and charges authorized and required by the provisions of such resolution or indenture to be fixed, charged and collected. (Prior code § 8335)