2.28.090   Proclamation of emergency.
   A.   During a local emergency the Disaster Council shall be convened to promulgate orders and regulations necessary to provide for the protection of life and property, including orders or regulations imposing a curfew within the boundaries of the City of Visalia where necessary to preserve the public order and safety. Such orders and regulations and amendments and rescissions thereof shall be in writing and shall be given widespread publicity and notice.
   B.   Whenever, in the judgment of the Chairperson or in the event of their absence, or inability to act, the Vice Chairperson and or their successor, determines that an emergency exists as a result of civil disobedience causing danger or injury to or damages to persons or property, they shall have power to impose by proclamation any or all of the following regulations necessary to preserve the peace and order of the city:
      1.   To impose a curfew upon all or any portion of the city thereby requiring all persons in such designated curfew areas to forthwith remove themselves from the public streets, alley, parks or other public places; provided, however, that physicians, nurses, and ambulance operators performing medical services, firefighters and city authorized or requested law enforcement officers and personnel, may be exempted from such curfew;
      2.   To order the closing of any business establishment anywhere within the city for the period of the emergency; such businesses to include but not be limited to those selling intoxicating beverages, gasoline or firearms;
      3.   To designate any public street, thoroughfare or vehicle parking areas closed to motor vehicles and pedestrian traffic;
      4.   To call upon law enforcement agencies within or without the city to assist in preserving and keeping the peace within the city.
(Ord. 2019-08 §1, 2019)