A.   Buildings: The face of the main wall, pilaster or column of the first story of any building shall not project beyond the line of the lot on which it is erected. (1925 Code § 33-4; amd. 2009 Code)B. Balconies Or Bay Windows: Bay windows or balconies may be constructed on buildings above the first story to project and stand not to exceed four and one-half feet (41/2') beyond the line of the lot into the public square or street. The same shall be constructed in an ornamental and substantial manner and subject to the approval of the committee on streets, alleys and lights. (1925 Code § 33-5)C. Awnings 1 :1. It shall be lawful for persons in the city to erect in front of their stores or houses, projecting into the streets, awnings of iron framework suspended by brackets or supports from the wall of the building and covered with canvas. Provided, that no part of any awning shall be less than eight feet (8') from the sidewalk at its lowest point, and shall in no manner interfere with, obscure or obstruct the light of any public lamp; and provided, that the city council may permit awnings to be constructed of fireproof materials within the fire limits and in such manner as they see fit, but no such awning shall be erected without first obtaining permission from the city council. (1925 Code § 33-6)2. Hereafter, no wooden awnings shall be erected in front of stores and houses within the fire limits of the city and projecting into any street, nor shall any wooden awning now erected within the fire limits of the city be repaired or rebuilt; but when the same shall become unsafe or in any manner in need of repair, it shall then be declared a nuisance, and such awning shall be immediately removed. (1925 Code § 33-7; amd. 2009 Code)



1. See also subsection 9-1-4B of this code.