A.   All obstructions to streets, alley crossings or sidewalks of the city and all excavations in or under the same which are by ordinance prohibited, or which may be made without lawful permission, are hereby declared to be a nuisance, and the person erecting, maintaining or keeping any such obstruction shall, in addition to any penalties specifically denounced against the same, be subject to a fine as provided in section 1-4-1 of this code. (1925 Code § 26-9; amd. 1981 Code; 2009 Code)
   B.   No person shall erect, suspend, keep or maintain any sign, awning, structure or thing over or across any street or sidewalk of the city or any tree, shrub or branches overhanging the same so as to obstruct any sidewalk or street, or render any travel thereon inconvenient or unsafe; or shall suffer any awning, sign or structure over any sidewalk to remain out of repair or in any insecure or unsafe condition. (1925 Code § 26-11; amd. 1981 Code; 2009 Code)



1. See also sections 3-1-5 and 3-1-6 of this code.