A.   Obstructions: No person shall place or permit to be placed or suffer to remain on any sidewalk in the city or on any street or alley in the city any obstructions, barriers, impediments or any box, barrel, merchandise, goods, materials or any kind of obstruction whatever; provided, that the public works director may permit temporary obstructions by persons when receiving, selling or removing fuel, lumber, merchandise, materials, and other articles of trade; and that such obstructions shall be removed as soon as possible and shall in no event be permitted to remain longer than twenty four (24) hours at any one time. Provided, further, that the owner or occupant of any building in the city shall be permitted to use, for his own benefit, two feet (2') of the sidewalk immediately in front of such building where such walk is not less than eight feet (8') in width for the purpose of exhibiting his wares or articles of merchandise or manufacture; such space of two feet (2') to be next to said building, and the wares or goods as aforesaid to be of such character and kind as not to inconvenience or endanger persons passing along such sidewalk and not to injure, rot or destroy such sidewalk or the materials out of which the same may be made. (1925 Code § 32-9)
   B.   Vehicles Blocking Public Ways: When any street, avenue or alley shall be obstructed by a press of teams, vehicles, animals or persons, the mayor or any police officer of the city may give such orders and directions as shall be deemed necessary to abate the obstruction. (1925 Code § 32-14; amd. 2009 Code)
   C.   Utility Poles And Wires: No person shall set or cause to be set any telephone or telegraph pole or any poles in any street or alley in the city, or string or hang any wire along or across any street or alley unless authorized so to do by the city council. (1925 Code § 32-17; amd. 2009 Code)
   D.   Removal Of Encroachments: No owner of any building or fence or of any structure or enclosure erected or built, extending into or encroaching upon any street, avenue, alley or sidewalk within the city, shall fail to remove the same immediately after being notified in writing so to do by the public works director. (1925 Code § 32-11; amd. 2009 Code)



1. See also section 9-1-4 of this code.