An Alarm Holder, in the first 30 days of the installation of an Alarm Device, shall be authorized to test the Alarm Device without the imposition of any False Alarm Service Charge or without the risk of disconnection, subject to the Alarm Holder's filing of a written statement with the Police or Fire stating the testing procedure to be utilized and the name of the Alarm Holder's delegate performing such testing procedure.  Such testing procedure will be as follows:
   (A)   In the event the testing procedure is an on-site test designed to simulate conditions to induce an Alarm Signal to be generated, the Alarm Holder, or his delegate, shall timely and properly inform the Police or Fire of such testing and the Police or Fire will telephone such Alarm Holder, or his delegate, each time an Alarm Signal is received at the Central Answering Point, but the Police or Fire will not otherwise respond to such an Alarm Signal;
(Ord. 3-96, passed 6-10-96)