(A)   No person shall move any building over or along any street or alley of the city without first obtaining a permit from the Board of Public Works and Safety. The permit shall be based upon a petition in writing addressed to the Board and shall set forth a description of the building, the points from and to which the removal is to be made, the route to be taken and the streets and alleys to be passed over; and no building shall be moved over any street, alley or route other than that specified in the petition granting the permission. 
   (B)   No permission shall be given until the person applying shall execute a bond in the penal sum of $500 with good surety conditioned for the faithful and prompt performance of the removal as permitted, to secure the city against damage to the streets and alleys, and the citizens or property owners against damage to their private property.  The bond shall be made payable to the city for the use and benefit of the city or anyone damaged by such removal, and anyone so damaged may maintain action thereon for that damage. 
   (C)   No person shall make any unnecessary stoppages or delays upon any street or alley when removing such building, or occupy more than six days, exclusive of Sunday, in the transit from the old to the new location.
   (D)   Any injury done to any street or alley by reason of such removal shall be repaired by the person to whom the permit is given within 24 hours, to the satisfaction of the City Engineer.
('71 Code, § 153.01)  Penalty, see § 150.99