§ 93.99  PENALTY.
   (A)   Any violation of a provision contained in this chapter is hereby classified as a civil offense, pursuant to KRS 65.8808 and city Ordinance 2003-5.
   (B)   Any violation of any provision of this chapter shall only be initiated by the issuance of a citation by a Code Enforcement Officer in accordance with Ordinance 2003-5, § V.
   (C)   (1)   If a citation for a violation of a provision of this chapter is not contested by the person charged with the violation, the civil fine to be imposed for each offense shall be seventy-five dollars ($75) for the first offense; one hundred fifty dollars ($150) for the second offense and two hundred fifty dollars ($250) for the third and thereafter offense.
      (2)   If a citation is contested and a hearing before the Code Enforcement Board is required, the maximum civil fine which may be imposed at the discretion of the Board shall be from twenty dollars ($20) to two hundred dollars ($200) for the first offense; from sixty dollars ($60) to six hundred dollars ($600) for the second offense; and from one hundred eighty dollars ($180) to one thousand eight hundred ($1,800 dollars) for the third and thereafter offense.
   (D)   In the event the property is not brought into compliance within one hundred eighty (180) days after notice in writing to the property owner, then the city may perform the improvements and assess the property owner the cost of bringing the property into compliance within this chapter.  The costs shall be in addition to any civil fines assessed by the Code Enforcement Board for noncompliance.
(Prior Code, § 8.16.090)  (Ord. 1991-4, passed - -; Am. Ord. 2004-02, passed 4-21-2004)