(A)   The City of Villa Hills is aware that there will be certain situations on individual properties within the city where the above regulations cannot be met. In the event a property owner is of the opinion that he/she cannot meet the requirements of the above regulation without causing a drainage burden on his/her property or on an adjoining property, the property owner shall contact Sanitation District No. 1 (SD1) to obtain a tap-in permit for their roof drains/sump pump into the storm water system. The property owner shall notify the city in writing that a tap-in permit has been requested. Upon approval of a tap-in permit property owners shall obtain a permit from the Director of Public Works for the extension, replacement, or new installation of downspouts, or sump pump pipe outlets located more than ten feet (10') from the structure. The owner shall be responsible for any tap-in fees and all costs related to said tap-in. Work shall be performed by a licensed plumber. No contractor shall be permitted to alter any sidewalk, street surface, or curb in any way without a permit from the Public Works Director.
   (B)   If the tap-in permit is denied by Sanitation District No. 1, the property owner shall make a written request to the Mayor for a waiver. The Mayor shall forward the waiver request to a board that will consider the waiver request and issue a written approval or denial of the waiver. This Board shall consist of the Mayor, the City Engineer, the Director of Public Works, and Council designees as appointed by the Mayor.
   (C)   In instances when the city is reconstructing a street or a portion thereof, the city may offer a program to property owners to tap into the storm water system upon approval of Sanitation District No. 1. Owners are responsible for all costs associated with extending downspouts and sump pump pipe outlets to the curb. Pipe up to twenty feet (20') away from the curb must be either schedule 40 or SDR35 non-perforated pipe. The city may establish by municipal order a fee to recover all or part of the costs associated with the city's expense of any such program.
(Prior Code, § 8.16.050)  (Ord. 1991-4, passed - -; Am. Ord. 2004-02, passed 4-21-2004; Am. Ord. 2013-24, passed 1-22-2014)