(A)   There is established the position of Public Works Director.
   (B)   The Public Works Director shall be a full-time city employee.
   (C)   The Public Works Director shall serve under the general supervision of the Mayor under the general guidelines of pertinent public laws, regulations, manuals, written policies, procedures of the City of Villa Hills, and oral instructions from the Mayor.  In addition, the Public Works Director shall possess the following talents and skills:
      (1)   The ability to operate public works equipment (trucks, backhoe, tractor, concrete saws, jackhammer, and the like);
      (2)   A high degree of mechanical aptitude;
      (3)   A basic knowledge of the construction skills as concrete work, carpentry, auto repair, electricity, and the like;
      (4)   The ability to prepare and interpret plans, drawings, and blueprints;
      (5)   Supervisory experience;
      (6)   The ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing;
      (7)   The ability to conduct effective interpersonal relationships and present a professional appearance while representing the city; and
      (8)   The ability to analyze public works problems and recommend solutions to solve them.
   (D)   The duties of the Public Works Director shall include, but not be limited to:
      (1)   Acting as road captain to coordinate snow and ice removal;
      (2)   Planning and performing public works repairs, maintenance, and improvements (such as street repairs, storm and sanitary sewer projects, and the like);
      (3)   Ensuring that street and traffic signs throughout the city are kept up and are replaced as necessary;
      (4)   Supervising the progress of any public works projects which are contracted out to independent contractors;
      (5)   General cleaning and maintenance of city vehicles and equipment, such as washing and waxing them, changing motor oil, and the like;
      (6)   General cleaning and maintenance of the city building (including painting) as directed;
      (7)   Ensuring that an adequate inventory of supplies is on hand (including salt, sand, patch material, traffic signs, janitorial supplies, and the like);
      (8)   Grass cutting;
      (9)   Acting as a liaison with builders and private developers to discuss public works matters and problems;
      (10)   Maintenance of city parks and recreational areas, including properties owned and leased by the city;
      (11)   Supervision of part-time employees hired to augment the full-time position;
      (12)   Removal of obstacles (including dead animals) from public thoroughfares;
      (13)   Assists the Chairperson in assessing and documenting problems and conditions.  Makes recommendations to the Chairperson for both short- and long-term solutions;
      (14)   Assists the Chairperson in preparing departmental budgets and controlling expenditures; and
      (15)   Other duties as assigned.
   (E)   The compensation, hours, and vacation of the Public Works Director shall be set by City Council from time to time by ordinance.
(Prior Code, § 2.48.010)  (Ord. 1985-1, passed - -)