(A)   The executive authority of the city shall be vested in and exercised by the Mayor.  The Mayor shall enforce the Mayor-Council Plan, city ordinances and orders, and all applicable statutes.  He or she shall supervise all departments of city government and the conduct of all city officers and employees under his or her jurisdiction and shall require each department to make reports to him or her required by ordinance or as he or she deems desirable.
   (B)   The Mayor shall maintain liaison with related units of local government respecting interlocal contracting and joint activities.
   (C)   The Mayor shall report to the Council and to the public on the condition and needs of city government as he or she finds appropriate or as required by ordinance, but not less than annually.  He or she shall make any recommendations for actions by the Council he or she finds in the public interest.
(KRS 83A.130(3)) (Prior Code, § 2.20.020)