(A)   Singular includes plural.  A word importing the singular number only may extend and be applied to several persons or things, as well as to one (1) person or thing, and a word importing the plural number only may extend and be applied to one (1) person or thing as well as to several persons or things.
(KRS 446.020(1))
   (B)   Masculine includes feminine.  A word importing the masculine gender only may extend and be applied to females as well as males.
(KRS 446.020(2))
   (C)   Liberal construction.  All sections of this code shall be liberally construed with a view to promote their objects and carry out the intent of Council. 
(KRS 446.080(1))
   (D)   Retroactivity.  No ordinance shall be construed to be retroactive, unless expressly so declared.
(KRS 446.080(3))
   (E)   Technical terms.  All words and phrases shall be construed according to the common and approved usage of language, but technical words and phrases and others as may have acquired a peculiar and appropriate meaning in the law, shall be construed according to that meaning.
(KRS 446.080(4))
   (F)   Prohibited acts include causing and permitting.  Whenever in the ordinances of the city any act or omission is made unlawful, it shall include causing, allowing, permitting, aiding, abetting, suffering, or concealing the fact of the act or omission.
(Prior Code, § 1.04.050)