§ 53.154  RATE SCHEDULE.
   (A)   The following shall be the rates for water supplied by the city. See Attachment A, which is attached to the ordinance codified herein, and incorporated herein by reference.
   (B)   The adequacy of the water charge shall be reviewed, not less often than annually by certified public accountants for the city in their annual audit report. Any percentage change (increase or decrease) in the local capital cost or in a change in operation and maintenance cost, including replacement costs based on the latest fiscal year audit, which are passed directly to all utility bills, shall be determined by the Council.
   (C)   The rate for bulk water purchased from the city water plant shall be $6 per 1,000 gallons.
(Ord. 84-6, passed 7-18-1984; Ord. 09-06, passed 12-2-2009; Ord. 11-03, passed 3-2-2011)