(A)   Determination of who pays expense of extension. The City Council shall first determine if an extension of water main is economically feasible based on the estimated cost of the extension and the number of existing potential users that will use water along the extension. If the extension is economically feasible then the city may install and pay the cost of the extension at the discretion of the City Council. If the city elects not to pay the cost of extending the water main then the person or persons desiring water service shall install the extension at their own personal expense upon written consent by the City Council. The city shall not pay for any extensions to an undeveloped area such as a subdivision being developed unless there are sufficient existing residents or businesses to make the extension economically feasible.
   (B)   Requirements if extension is installed by someone other than the city.
      (1)   The city must approve all plans and specifications for any extensions.
      (2)   Before any extensions are installed, the plans and specifications must be reviewed and approved by the State Environmental Protection Agency.
      (3)   Ownership, rights-of-way and title must be conveyed to the city for all extensions installed by anyone other than the city. The city will maintain the mains thereafter.
      (4)   No extension will be permitted if in the opinion of the City Council, the system does not have the necessary capacity to serve the proposed extension.
(Ord. 84-6, passed 7-18-1984)