(A)   Ownership, installation and maintenance. The city shall install, own and maintain the complete water system, water mains and service lines to the property lines or a mutually agreed upon point subject to the City Council’s determination that a particular service is economically feasible to install. The city shall furnish, install and maintain a meter and appurtenances including a shutoff valve. The shutoff valve shall be installed on the user’s property line or such other point determined by a duly authorized representative of the city. The meter may be located near the shutoff valve or within the user’s premises as determined by the city representative. The meter and shutoff valve must be located at a point where it is readily accessible.
   (B)   Refusal of service. The city may at any time refuse additional services to any applicant if in the judgment of the City Council the capacity of the system will not permit such use.
   (C)   Liability. All water service supplied by the city shall be upon the express condition that the city shall not be liable, nor shall any claim be made against it for damages or injury caused by reason of shutting off of water for repair, relocation or expansion of any part of the system, or failure of any part of the system or for concentration of water for such purposes as firefighting or restricted use of water.
   (D)   Use of water on users premises. The city shall reserve the right to use the water from the users facilities at any time deemed necessary. No charge shall be made by the user for the use of his or her facilities and no charge shall be made by the city for the water used by the city.
   (E)   Inspection. The city shall have access to all portions of the premises of the consumer at any reasonable time for inspection of the use of water, and the consumer’s pipe, fixtures, plumbing and any other apparatus, in any manner connected to the water system of the city. The city shall have the right and option to demand change or stopping of use or to require any repair, change, removal or improvement of any pipe, fixture, plumbing or other apparatus that would in any manner affect the water supply or system of the city, or the supply or fixtures of other consumers.
(Ord. 84-6, passed 7-18-1984)