(A)   The City Council reserves the right to make special charges for water, sewer and gas services supplied to properties not covered by the above rates or those rates established in subsequent ordinance amendments, or which, in the judgment of the City Council, should be charged special rates pertaining and based upon mitigating circumstances.
   (B)   The city may give special consideration to sewer charges when water usage has been determined to not have entered the city’s wastewater system, such as when filling swimming pools, watering gardens or with residential plumbing breaks/leaks and the like. Customers must notify City Hall personnel when aforementioned usage will occur allowing the Superintendent an opportunity to verify the usage does not enter the wastewater system. Adjustments will be determined based on the customer’s usage history. Customers without an established history may pay at least the minimum basic utility rate. Water usage determined to be caused by and/or having entered the city sewer system will not be adjusted.
(1975 Code, § 38.20)  (Ord. 11-03, passed 3-2-2011)