(A)   Residential. When any application is made for utility services in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, if the applicant is not the record owner of the property for which service is requested, the customer shall deposit with his or her application for service the sum of $200 for water/sewer service and $100 for gas service.
   (B)   Commercial. In the case of a commercial or industrial user, the advanced payment shall be a minimum of $200, or an amount equal to one month of estimated consumption of water/sewage and $100 for gas service.
   (C)   Security for payment; no interest. The deposits made under the provisions of this chapter shall be held by the city as security for the payment of utilities used by the applicant upon the premises to which his or her application pertains, and/or applied against other outstanding premises to which the customer resided wherein application was made for utility services. Despite the nature of the utility deposits, the city reserves the right to apply the total amount deposited towards any default on balances owed the city in accordance with this chapter. Customer deposits shall earn no interest.
   (D)   Waiver of deposit. In lieu of deposits, customers may have a property owner residing within city limits, who is in good standing with the city via a consistent payment history, may sign a waiver of deposit wherein said property owner promises to pay any and all outstanding balances for the customer should he or she default on balances due.
   (E)   Return of deposit. Utility deposits shall be returned to customers after the final bill is paid in full and/or after customer has an established satisfactory payment history of at least two years with the city.
(1975 Code, § 38.12)  (Ord. 83-4, passed 7-6-1983; Ord. 11-03, passed 3-2-2011)