SECTION VII-2. Classification of Service.
   The civil service of the Municipality shall be divided into the classified and unclassified service. The classified service shall include full-time regular members of the Police and Fire Departments, and such other positions in the service of the Municipality as Council shall determine from time to time shall be within the classified service, provided that Council shall not place in the classified service any of the following positions: officers elected by the people; any member of a board or commission or any director of a department; and unskilled labor. The unclassified service shall include all positions in the service of the Municipality not included in the classified service.
   Persons who have been continuously employed on a full-time basis in the service of the Municipality in the same or a similar position in the unclassified service for at least thirty days prior to the date such position is placed in the classified service, shall be retained in the same or similar position without examination until discharged, reduced, disciplined, promoted or transferred in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Commission.
(Amended 11-8-66.)