For any lot, parcel of land, building or premises situated outside the corporate limits and having any connection with the City sanitary sewerage system, or otherwise discharging sanitary sewage, industrial wastes, water or other liquids, either directly or indirectly, into the City sanitary sewerage system, the user rental or charge shall consist of the quarterly minimum charge, together with an extra charge for volume, based upon the quantity of water used thereof or therein, as the same is measured by a City water meter therein used or by a private water meter as approved by the Superintendent of the Water Department. For purposes of this chapter, a unit is considered as one business, one house or one dwelling unit of an apartment building or multifamily unit.
   The sewerage service charge is the same as is charged residents of the City, as stated in Section 1044.04(c), plus a sixty-six percent surcharge for that portion of the rates identified as a debt increment of the charge. This section does not preclude the development of special agreements with other public entities when it is in the best interest of the City to do so.
   In addition to these charges, a fee of six hundred dollars ($600.00) shall be charged for each new unit connecting into the City sewerage system.
(Ord. 87-94. Passed 11-16-87.)