§ 30.04 SALARIES.
   (A)   The salary of the President of Council shall be as set by Council.
   (B)   The Mayor's salary should be reviewed during each term of the Mayor. The President of Council shall refer the question of the Mayor's salary to the Finance Committee on or before the first Council meeting in the month of September of each and every year preceding a primary election for the Mayor for the Finance Committee's review and recommendations. If the Finance Committee recommends a modification of the Mayor's salary, it shall do so at such a time to allow for the passage of the appropriate legislation prior to the next primary election for Mayor.
(1981 Code, § 30.04) (Ord. 5483-77, passed 2-13-1978; Am. Ord. 00-10-080, passed 1-8-2001; Am. Ord. 05-01-006, passed 1-24-2005)
   Acting Mayor, see § 31.01
Statutory reference:
   President of legislative authority, see R.C. § 733.09