(A)   Liability.  As a public service, the Board of County Commissioners has provided certain green box containers for the use of the citizens and residents of the county.  While the county offers this convenience, the county or the landowner, where the green box containers are located, shall not be responsible for damage to private property nor personal injury which may occur on the site of these green box containers.  Neither the county nor its employees shall be liable for damages to private vehicles or personal injury or persons using the county’s green box containers.
   (B)   Accepted materials.  The materials allowed to be deposited into the green box containers shall be limited to customary items of household garbage.
   (C)   Prohibited uses and materials.
      (1)   It shall be unlawful to deposit in any county-owned green box container or at any green box container site the following:
         (a)   Bulky waste;
         (b)   Poisons of any nature;
         (c)   Hot ashes;
         (d)   Explosives of any kind;
         (e)   Hazardous waste or waste containing radioactive substances;
         (f)   Industrial solid waste;
         (g)   Commercial solid waste;
         (h)   Construction and demolition waste;
         (i)   Garbage as defined in this chapter;
         (j)   Land-clearing debris;
         (k)   Medical waste;
         (1)   Pathological waste;
         (m)   Inert debris;
         (n)   Scrap tires;
         (o)   Septage;
         (p)   Sludge;
         (q)   Used motor oil;
         (r)   Liquids;
         (s)   White goods;
         (t)   Yard trash;
         (u)   Pesticides;
         (v)   Pesticide containers; or
         (w)   Furniture.
      (2)   It shall be unlawful for any person to perform any of the following acts:
         (a)   Scavenging and removing any items from the green box containers, except unacceptable materials as described in division (C) of this section, placed in the green box containers or at the container sites by that person;
         (b)   Intentionally defile, deface, destroy or otherwise vandalize or abuse the green box containers, container sites, signs, fences or any other equipment or facilities located at the container sites;
         (c)   Loiter and/or congregate on any container site after having deposited solid waste at the site, or without the need or apparent intention to do so;
         (d)   Leave a vehicle unattended on any container site.  Any vehicle left unattended shall be towed away at the owner’s expense;
         (e)   Set or cause to or be set any fire in a green box container or container site;
         (f)   Climb on, around or inside of a green box container;
         (g)   Move a green box container from its assigned location without authorization; or
         (h)   Open bags or other binding which contain solid waste materials either inside a container or at a container site.
      (3)   The green box containers shall not be utilized by persons engaged in the collection of solid waste for compensation.  Further, the containers shall not be utilized by persons for deposit of commercial, industrial or construction waste.
(Ord. 24, passed 5-1-1993)  Penalty, see § 52.99