The Porter County Animal Shelter as the contracted animal control agency of the City of Valparaiso may seize, impound or confine any of the following animals:
   (A)   A stray animal brought to the shelter by shelter personnel or any resident of Valparaiso;
   (B)   Injured animals brought to the shelter for which no owner can immediately be found;
   (C)   Biting or dangerous animals or those suspected of being rabid, as established by other sections of this chapter;
   (D)   An animal whose owner wishes to relinquish that ownership;
   (E)   Any animal seized by the warden, a law enforcement official; or
   (F)   Dogs without current license tags; code enforcement agent to prevent present or future inhumane treatment;
   (G)   Any animal running at large;
   (H)   Any animal constituting a public nuisance;
   (I)   Any unattended animal that is ill, injured, or otherwise in need of care;
   (J)   Any unattended animal that is reasonably believed to have been abused or neglected;
   (K)   Any animal that is considered unattended or abandoned, as in situations where the owner is deceased, has been arrested, or evicted from his or her regular place of residence.
(Ord. 4-2005, passed 2-28-05)