§ 91.13  ANIMAL BITES.
   (A)   If any person is a victim of an animal bite, he or she shall immediately notify the city Police Department and provide a description of the animal and identification, if possible, of the owner. When an animal is determined to have bitten a person, the animal shall be confined in quarantine for a period of not less than ten days.
   (B)   If the animal’s owner which has bitten a person presents proof of current rabies inoculations, the animal may be left in the charge of the owner, under quarantine, unless in the judgment of the humane officer, police officer or code enforcement agent and based upon considerations of public safety, the humane officer determines it should be removed to an animal shelter or veterinary hospital for the period of observation.
   (C)   In addition to other legal obligations prescribed by law, the owner shall pay for all costs incurred in the quarantine and/or impoundment of the animal before the animal will be released. If the owner is unable or unwilling to pay for the costs, the animal will be humanely euthanized and the owner shall remain liable for any costs incurred in the quarantine and/or impoundment.
   (D)   If the owner of the quarantined animal cannot be determined, or if the owner does not furnish proof of current rabies inoculation, the animal shall be impounded under the authority of the Porter County Animal Shelter for a period of observation of not fewer than ten days.
   (E)   Animal control officers, police officers or code enforcement agents shall be empowered to enter onto private property for the purpose of impounding animals which are known to have bitten a person and shall obtain legal process to do so if necessary.
   (F)   Unless otherwise provided, the city and any of its agents shall comply with the standards set forth in I.C. 15-2.1-6-1 through I.C. 15-2.1-6-13 entitled “Rabies.”
(Ord. 4-2005, passed 2-28-05)  Penalty, see § 91.99