(A)   (1)   Any person desiring to keep any of the following domestic animals or fowl in the city must have a minimum of five contiguous acres of land in the city upon which the animals would be kept and which acreage must be enclosed by a fence to confine such animals including but not limited to: 
         (a)   Cow, ox, cattle, calves, or other livestock;
         (b)   Donkey, ass, burro, or mule;
         (c)   Sheep;
         (d)   Goat, except pygmy goat (see division (E) of this section);
         (e)   Chickens, roosters, geese, turkeys, ducks, or other fowl except racing or homing pigeons;
         (f)   Bees;
         (g)   Horses;
         (h)   Bison, llamas; or
         (i)   Swine, except potbelly pig (see division (E) of this section).
      (2)   The maximum number of these animals which may be maintained on the property shall be determined in light of current animal husbandry and veterinary standards.
   (B)   (1)   In no event shall the shelter and feeding station for any of the animals or fowl designated in division (A) above be closer than 50 feet from the adjoining property line.
      (2)   Nothing in this section shall be deemed or construed to prohibit the keeping of bees in a hive, stand, or box located or kept within a zoological park, school, or university building for the purpose of study or observation, as long as the public safety is ensured. 
      (3)   Bees must be kept in accordance with the following provisions:
         (a)   If bee colonies are kept within 50 feet of any exterior boundary of the property on which the hive, stand, or box is located, a barrier shall be erected that will prevent bees from flying through it.
         (b)   Fresh, clean watering facilities for bees shall be provided on the premises.
         (c)   The bees and equipment shall be kept in accordance with the provisions of state statutes.
   (C)    Any person desiring to raise rabbits or pets or racing or homing pigeons within the city must keep those animals and birds in safe and sanitary conditions so that a public nuisance as defined herein is not created.
   (D)   No person may keep within the city, as presently or hereinafter established, any swine, pigpens, or hog sties.  Possession of these items constitutes a public nuisance.
   (E)   Pot bellied pigs and pygmy goats shall be allowed only on a lot with a minimum of two acres of land for each individual animal, and all other sections of this chapter shall be adhered to. 
(Ord. 4-2005, passed 2-28-05)  Penalty, see § 91.99