A.   Conformance To Grid System Required; Standards For Developing Road Grid System: All road address numbers shall conform to the grid system shown on the official rural addressing system map kept on file at the office of the Planning and Zoning Administrator or their designee. The general standards to be used in developing a road address grid system are as follows:
      1.   Grid System Established: Sixteen (16) grid blocks shall be assigned to each section and approximately three hundred thirty feet (330') between grid lines shall be standard when establishing the grid system.
      2.   Standard Of Numbers Per Grid: A standard of approximately one hundred (100) numbers per grid is hereby established.
      3.   Grid Systems Extended: The grid systems for Donnelly and Cascade shall be extended to appropriate limits in order to eliminate duplication or confusion of numbers on roads that extend into the county from the cities. The grid system established for McCall shall be extended to the area of city impact boundary or further if needed to avoid duplication or confusion.
      4.   Milepost System:
         a.   The milepost system shall be used for the remainder of the county. Individuals whose residence or business is adjacent to State Highway 55 will be numbered from the milepost marker established by the state to the nearest hundredth mile.
         b.   Point of reference for public roads and private roads will be the beginning point of the road. The address for individuals located on these roads will be to the nearest hundredth mile.
         c.   When individual lots in subdivisions are too small to address on the mile marker system in hundredths of a mile, a smaller base unit may be used in order to provide continuity in numbering the neighborhood.
   B.   Assignment Of Address Numbers:
      1.   Assigned By Planning And Zoning Administrator: All address numbers located within the unincorporated and city impact areas of the county shall be assigned by the Planning and Zoning Administrator or their designee. No other person or organization, public or private, shall assign any address number to any residence, business, industry or other use. (Addresses located inside the city limits of Cascade, Donnelly, and McCall shall be issued by the appropriate city designee.)
      2.   Guide In Assigning Numbers: The following shall be used as a guide in assigning such address numbers by the planning and zoning administrator or his designee:
         a.   Only one number shall be assigned to each business, dwelling unit or other use.
         b.   Numbers shall be assigned to vacant lots within platted subdivisions and shall be assigned in such a manner that adequate numbers are reserved for possible future development or resubdivisions of such land.
      c.   All addresses shall be assigned on the road upon which the driveway enters. When vehicular access is used from a point other than the road frontage, the number shall be placed so as to be visible from the fronting side of the building. Typically, the entrance to the property determines frontage.
      d.   All addresses located on the north and east sides of roads shall be even numbers. All addresses on the south and west sides of roads shall be odd numbers. These requirements may be varied in the case of meandering roads. When a road has been determined to be running in predominately one direction, the number shall not be changed if there is slight change in the road direction.
   C.   Placement On New And Existing Buildings: Approved numbers or addresses shall be placed on all new and existing buildings in such a position as to be plainly visible and legible from the road fronting the property. Said numbers shall contrast with their background, be visible in the daytime and nighttime from the road, and be at least three and one-half inches (31/2") in height or as approved by the Planning and Zoning Administrator. Where the building is not visible from the road, an additional address number shall be placed in a location near the driveway that is plainly visible and legible from the road.
   D.   County One Unincorporated District: The county shall consist of one unincorporated district with preference to existing roads, etc., for the areas surrounding three (3) cities, i.e., Cascade, Donnelly, and McCall.
      1.   The unincorporated area shall have an initial point where all addresses begin. That point shall be zero.
      2.   Each initial point will be the point where north, south, east and west designations are established for that addressing system.
   E.   Existing Nonconforming Numbers: Existing address numbers (in 1990) not in conformance with the official rural addressing map may be changed by the board, giving official written notice at least ninety (90) days in advance of the effective date of such change to property owners and those local agencies affected by such changes. If the Planning and Zoning Administrator determines an address number is not in conformance the address may be changed by notifying the property owner, utilities, assessor's office, and other interested parties. An effective date shall be part of the notification. (Ord. 90-2, 7-23-1990; amd. 2011 Code; amd. Ord. 20-01, 11-25-2019; Ord. 21-08, 6-28-2021)