(A)   Generally.  After any order of the court or resolution of the Commission made pursuant to this chapter will have become final, no person to whom any order is directed will fail, neglect or refuse to obey any order.  Any person who fails to comply with any order is guilty of a misdemeanor.
   (B)   Failure to obey order.  If, after any resolution or order of the Commission made pursuant to this chapter has become final, the person or persons to whom the order is directed shall fail, neglect or refuse to obey the order, the county official may:
      (1)   Cause the person to be prosecuted under division (A) above; or
      (2)   Institute any appropriate action to abate the building or premise as a public nuisance.
   (C)   Failure to commence work.  Whenever the required demolition and removal is not commenced within 30 days after any notice and resolution issued under this chapter becomes effective:
      (1)   The county official shall cause the building or premises described in the notice and order to be vacated by posting at each entrance thereto a notice reading:
Dangerous Building
Do Not Occupy
   It is a misdemeanor to occupy this building, or to remove or deface this notice.
Building official___________of Valencia County.
      (2)   No person shall occupy any building which has been posted as specified in this section.  No person shall remove or deface any notice so posted until the repairs, demolition or removals ordered by the building official have been completed and a certificate of occupancy issued pursuant to the provisions of the Building Code.
      (3)   The county official may, in addition to any other remedy herein provided, if the notice and resolution required demolition, cause the building to be demolished and the materials, rubble and debris therefrom removed and the lot cleaned.  Any repair or demolition work shall be accomplished and the cost thereof paid and recovered in the manner hereinafter provided in this chapter.  Any surplus realized from the from the demolition thereof, over and above the cost of demolition and of cleaning the lot, shall be paid over to the person or persons lawfully entitled thereto.
(Ord. 2003-2, passed 12-17-2003)  Penalty, see § 10.99