Be it ordained  by the Town  Council  of the Town of Valdese that:
Section  1. The following compilation of ordinances,  set out immediately after the Char­ ter and  Related  State  Laws portions  of this volume and designated  as Division II, Parts  I through  9 inclusive, is hereby adopted  as the official Code  of Ordinances  of the Town  of Valdese, North  Carolina.
Section 2. (a) All ordinances of a general and permanent nature of the town enacted on or before ________________, 1978 and not included  within this code, or recognized and continued in force  by  reference  therein,  are  hereby  repealed  from  and  after  the effective date  of  this ordinance,  except as provided  in section  3.
(b) To the extent  that ordinances or portions of ordinances included within this code are the same in substance  as ordinances in effect prior to the adoption of this code, it is intended that they be treated as continuations and not as new enactments  or amendments, in order that all rights and  liabilities  that  have accrued  are preserved and  may be enforced.
Section 3. This code of ordinances contains all of the general and permanent ordinances of the town, but it does not contain,  and  is not intended  to affect, the following classes or ordinances  or actions  having the effect of ordinances:
1.    Annexation ordinances;
2.    Budget ordinances or amendments thereto;
3.    Bond orders  and  ordinances;
4.    Ordinances  granting  a franchise;
5.    Ordinances  or  resolutions  pertaining  to  the  exercise  of  the  power  of eminent domain;
6.    Ordinances  or resolutions  pertaining  to the levy of special assessments;
7.    Ordinances  amending  the charter  of the town, pursuant  to article 5, part 4 of chapter 160A, General  Statutes of North  Carolina;
8.    Ordinances, resolutions  or orders  naming,  renaming  or closing a street
9.    Ordinances  or  resolutions  establishing  or amending  the  boundaries  of wards  or election districts;
10.   Ordinances establishing  or amending  the boundaries  of zoning districts;
11.    Resolutions  of any type;
12.   Ordinances establishing  or  amending  a  position  classification  and  pay  plan  for municipal  employees; and
13.   Ordinances of any type which are not normally or customarily  codified, including but  not  limited  to,  ordinances of limited  interest  or  ordinances  of a  transitory nature.
Section 4. No provision  of this ordinance  is intended,  nor shall be construed, to affect in any way any rights or interests (whether  public or private):
(a) Now vested or accrued, in whole or in part, the validity of which might be sustained or preserved by reference to any provision of an ordinance repealed by the adoption of this code. (b)  Derived  from,  or  which might  be sustained  or  preserved  in reliance  upon,  action heretofore taken pursuant  to or within the scope of any ordinance  repealed by the adoption of this code.
Section  5. No action  or proceeding  of any nature (whether  civil or criminal,  judicial or administrative or otherwise) pending on the effective date of this ordinance  by or against the Town of Valdese or any of its departments or agencies shall be abated or otherwise affected by the adoption of this code.
Section 6. Ifany portion  of this code or the application thereof to any person or circum­ stance is held invalid, such invalidity shall not affect other  provisions  or applications of this code which can be given effect without  the valid provision or application, and to this end the provisions of this code are declared  to be severable.
Section  7. Ordinances  which are adopted after the cut-off date specified in section 2 shall be forwarded  to theN orth Carolina  League of Municipalities for codification into this volume. The league is hereby authorized to make all necessary editorial  changes to codify such ordi­ nances appropriately.
Section 8. A copy of this code shall be kept on file in the office of the town clerk and it shall be  the  express  duty  of  the  clerk,  or  someone  authorized by the  clerk,  to  insert  in  their designated  places all duly adopted  amendments to this code, and to extract from this code all provisions which may be from time to time duly repealed.  A copy of this code shall be avail­ able for all pesons desiring to examine it during reasonable  times, under the supervision of the town clerk.
Section  9. Itshall be unlawful for any person to change or amend by additions  or dele­ tions  any  part  or  portion  of this code,  or  to alter  or tamper  with the code in any manner whatsoever which will cause the ordinances  of the Town of Valdese to be misrepresented there­ by. Any person violating this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punished as provided  in section 14-4 of the General  Statutes  of North  Carolina.
Section 10. This ordinance,  and  the code of ordinances which it adopts,  shall be in full force and affect from and after  the day of ________  19_.
Adopted  this day of ______________ 19_.
BY: _____________________