All structures, and the premises thereof, shall be maintained free of vermin, rodents, and other pests, and free of sources of breeding, harborage, and infestation by such vermin, rodents, and other pests.
     Insect and Rodent Control:
     (a)     Grounds, building and structures shall be maintained free of insect and rodent harborage and infestation. Extermination methods and other measures to control insects and rodents shall conform to the requirements of the local health authority.
     (b)     Grounds shall be maintained free of accumulations of debris which may provide rodent harborage or breeding places for flies, mosquitoes and other pests.
     (c)     Storage areas shall be maintained as to prevent rodent harborage; lumber, pipe and other building material shall be stored at least eighteen (18) inches above the ground.
     (d)     Where the potential for insect and rodent infestation exists, all exterior openings in or beneath any structure shall be appropriately screened with wire mesh or other suitable materials.
     (e)     The growth of brush, weeds and grass shall be controlled to prevent harborage of ticks, chiggers and other noxious insects.  Grounds shall be so maintained as to prevent the growth of ragweed, poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac and other noxious weeds considered to be detrimental to health.  Open areas shall be maintained free of heavy undergrowth of any description.
      (Ord. 16-022.  Passed 8-15-16.)