(a)    An application for a driver's license shall be made in writing and shall contain the following:
      (1)    The applicant's full name, citizenship, residence address, and place of residence for five years previous to the application date.
      (2)    The applicant's age, height, eye color, hair color and social security number.
      (3)    The applicant's Ohio Operator's license number.
      (4)    The applicant's place of previous employment.
      (5)    A list of all occasions on which the applicant was convicted of a felony or misdemeanor, including the crime of which the applicant was  convicted, the date of the conviction and the court which issued the conviction.
      (6)    A list of all taxicab driver licenses ever held by the applicant, together with a statement of whether such licenses have ever been revoked or suspended and the reasons for any such suspension or revocation.
   The applicant shall sign and swear to such application, and the application shall be filed with the Mayor as a permanent record. Any false statement made by the applicant for the purpsoe of obtaining a license shall be deemed a good and sufficient reason for the refusal or revocation of the license.
   (b)   Two unmounted, unretouched photographs of each driver or chauffeur applying for a license, taken within thirty days of the date of application, suitable for attachment to the license, shall be furnished by the applicant, to the Mayor. One such photo shall be attached to the license and one shall be filed with the application. Each licensed driver or chauffeur shall, upon demand of any police officer or passenger, exhibit his license and photograph for inspection. When the application for a license is denied, one copy of the photograph shall be returned to the applicant and the other kept on file by the Mayor.
   (c)    No person shall shall be given a driver's or chauffeur's license unless such person shall:
      (1)   Be eighteen years old or older, an American citizen and a bona fide resident of Knox County, Ohio, or Licking County, Ohio for ninety days next preceding the date of application.
      (2)   Be of sound physique, with good eyesight and no bodily or mental infirmities which render him unfit for the safe operation of a public vehicle.
      (3)   Be clean of dress and person and not addicted to the use of intoxicating liquors or drugs.
      (4)   Have a current valid Ohio Operator's license.
      (5)   Permit the Chief of Police to fingerprint him or her, if requested.
   (d)    Applications for drivers' licenses shall be submitted to the Mayor for his approval or rejection. All such applications shall be referred to the Chief of Police for his consideration, and no such license shall be issued by the Mayor without the written approval of the Chief of Police endorsed therein.
(Ord. 89-25. Passed 9-11-89.)