(a)    Each taxicab or automobile kept or used for hire in the Village shall be licensed and the owner thereof shall pay to the Mayor a license fee of ten dollars ($10.00) for each such vehicle, which license fee shall be in addition to any fee required under the laws of the State and in addition to the chauffeur's or driver's license fee. The term "taxicab or automobile kept for hire" shall not be held to include motor busses, nor shall such terms be held to include any automobile leased or rented for private use without the services of a chauffeur or driver.
   (b)    All such licenses shall expire at midnight on December 31 of each year. When such license is taken out or issued after June 30, of any year, the fee shall be five dollars ($5.00). Such licenses may be renewed from year to year in the same manner and for the same fee as the granting of the original license.
   (c)    Upon the application of an owner of a taxicab or automobile kept for hire, already licensed, the Mayor may authorize the transfer of the license to another taxicab or automobile kept for hire, owned by the same person, firm or corporation, for a fee of fifty cents ($.50). All such licenses are not assignable.
(Ord. 89-25. Passed 9-11-89.)