(a)   Residential.  The Fiscal Officer shall, six months prior to the expiration of any existing residential solid waste collection contract, advertise for bids from private haulers to collect solid waste from residential customers in the Village.  Such advertisement shall appear at least once in at least one newspaper of general circulation in Licking County, and at least one in Knox County.
   The Council shall consider such bids and authorize the Mayor to enter into a contract authorizing the successful bidder to have the exclusive right to haul residential solid waste in the Village.  Such contract may be on such terms as Council deems best but shall not be for a term shorter than one nor longer than three years.  It may contain provisions for removal of bulk solid waste as well.
   (b)   Nonresidential.  Subject to the licensing requirements contained in this chapter, any solid waste hauler may contract with any nonresidential customer to haul his solid waste.
(Ord. 82-34.  Passed 2-7-83.)