(A)   Serial or chain subdivisions, whereby three or more interests are created from a single parcel of land or other corporal real property through two or more acts of subdividing a parcel, shall not be allowed, and shall be deemed to be a violation of this Code. Such violation shall be remedied only be the preparation of a proprietor’s plat for covering all of the original, single parcel of land or other corporal real property and complying with all of the requirements of this Code for a proprietor’s plat, including, but not limited to, the construction and dedication of public or common infrastructure; dedications of right-of-way; mitigation of impacts by dedications, provision of infrastructure or payment of fees; payment of or otherwise resolving liens, taxes, judgments and other encumbrances upon the title; payment of all customary administrative fees; and full satisfaction of all penalties set forth in this Code and the Code of Iowa.
   (B)   Permits shall not be issued for any development, or building or other structure, on any lot, parcel or other interest that is created by a serial or chain subdivision, or by any other subdivision that is not fully compliant with this Code.
   (C)   Permits shall not be issued for any development, building or structure, on any lot, parcel or other real property interest that is part of or is being created by a subdivision, until:
      (1)   All subdivision improvements have been satisfactorily completed in accordance with all development agreements and approved plans and specifications, as solely determined by the City Engineer;
      (2)   All requirements of this Code, including the provision of surety and maintenance bonds, have been fully satisfied;
      (3)   All fees and costs have been paid in full for city services provided to the subdivision during its development, including, but not limited to, fees for city inspections and reimbursement for testing or other costs; and
      (4)   The subdivision has been has been properly and satisfactorily filed for record in the offices of the appropriate County Recorder, Auditor and Assessor.
   (D)   No certificate of occupancy or of zoning compliance shall be issued unless and until the subdivision has been properly recorded in full compliance with this Code.
   (E)   No plat, declaration or other instrument for any subdivision shall be submitted to the county Recorder, Auditor or Assessor filing for recording, or have any validity, unless and until the Director of the Department of Community Development certifies in writing that the plat, declaration or instrument has been found to be in full compliance with the requirements of this Code. City funds shall not be expended for improvements to or maintenance of any street or other infrastructure that is directly serves a subdivision that has is in violation of this Code, or that has not been accepted by the city as public infrastructure.
   (F)   Any subdivision that is filed and recorded in violation of this Code shall be subject to annulment under the provisions of Iowa Code Chapter 354.20.
   (G)   Streets and alleys that are created by a subdivision shall not be open for public access until the plat has been made an official plat, or at any time thereafter unless and until the street has been fully improved in accordance with this Code and said improvements have been accepted by the City Council, for public safety reasons.
(Title VII, Ch. 3, §§ 1.8.15 and 1.12)