(A)   Validity.
      (1)   A preliminary plat that has been approved in accordance with this Code shall remain valid for one calendar year after the date upon which the City Council approved the preliminary plat, and its validity and approval shall thereafter expire unless a final plat has been submitted in accordance with this section expressly, and in accordance with this Code as a whole, or unless a time extension has been approved in the manner provided by this section.
      (2)   During its time of validity, the developer shall cause subdivision improvement plans and specifications to be prepared and submitted for review and approval by the City Engineer, and a final plat to be filed for one or more phases of the preliminary plat as had been designated on the approved plat, or for the entire preliminary plat.
   (B)   Expiration of preliminary plat.
      (1)   Failure to file a proper and complete final plat submittal with the Department of Community Development within one calendar year from the date of approval of the preliminary plat shall render said preliminary plat approval null and void, unless the preliminary plat’s validity has been extended in accordance with this section.
      (2)   A final plat submittal shall not be deemed to be properly filed unless the City Engineer has first approved subdivision improvement plans and specifications for the real property that is included in the final plat. It shall be the developer’s duty to ensure that said plans and specifications are filed with the City Engineer sufficiently in advance of the preliminary plat’s expiration to enable the plans and specifications to be reviewed, and revised to whatever extent that may be necessary to attain full compliance with all applicable requirements and approval by the City Engineer.
   (C)   Time extension for a preliminary plat.
      (1)   The approval and recording of a final plat for a phase of a valid preliminary plat shall be deemed to automatically extend the validity and approval of the remainder of the preliminary plat for a period of one calendar year beyond the date of the City Council’s approval of such final plat.
      (2)   The City Council may, upon request from the developer and following review and recommendation by the Planning and Zoning Commission, re-approve and thereby grant a time extension for a valid preliminary plat, but only if the preliminary plat and the subdivision improvement plans and specifications are updated to comply with and conform to all codes, regulations, requirements and specifications that have been revised or adopted since the original date of approval of the preliminary plat.
   (D)   Expiration of final plat. Upon approval of a final plat by resolution of the City Council, the developer shall fully satisfy any and all conditions of such approval and all provisions of this Code, and shall cause the final plat to be properly submitted for filing of record in the offices of the appropriate County Recorder, Auditor and Assessor, within one calendar year of the date of the City Council’s resolution; noncompliance shall render the City Council’s approval and resolution to be null and void.