(A)   Submittal and review. All subdivisions that are proposed within the designated area of review shall be submitted, reviewed and acted upon by the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council in the same manner as subdivisions located within the city’s corporate limits.
   (B)   Rights-of-way and easements. All subdivisions shall dedicate rights-of-way for arterial, collector and local streets together with such easements that are determined to be necessary in accordance with this Code by the City Engineer, to the city as well as to the respective county.
   (C)   Design and improvement of proprietors’ plats. All proprietors’ plats shall be fully improved in accordance with this Code, including, but not limited to, the construction of or providing surety for sanitary sewers and water mains to serve each and all lots within the subdivision, at some future date when full and adequate urban services become available to the subdivision to provide fire and domestic water service and full, off-site treatment of sanitary wastes or alternatively shall be designed and configured as follows:
      (1)   Be first designed in the manner of a customary subdivision within the “R-1S” Suburban Density Residential District of the city, or other district according to the dictates of the Comprehensive Plan, as to lot and block dimensions, and street configurations; and
      (2)   Using the right-of-way and lot lines of said subdivision as lot boundaries, such conceptual lot and rights-of-way parcels shall be combined into lots that are not less than ten acres in area and not less 300 feet in width, and with minimum setbacks that are compliant with the minimum requirements of the city’s “A-1” Agricultural Reserve District.
   (D)   Alternate designs. Be it further provided, that the City Council may approve an alternate means of design prior to acting upon a preliminary plat, following review by city staff et al. and action upon the proposed alternative means of design.