(A)   Septic systems and other private facilities for treatment of sewage, and wells or other potable water supply and distribution systems, shall be only be allowed for agricultural uses and residences associated with a farm as defined by the Zoning Code, or if service cannot be obtained from public infrastructure for such purposes, by reason of being more than 660 feet distant, or for other reasons even if available within said distance. All such facilities shall be restricted to personal household and agricultural uses, and shall be subject to approval by the relevant County Board of Health or to certification by an independent professional engineer and qualified testing laboratory if not subject to county regulation or if the county lacks the ability to perform the necessary testing and approval of the facility’s design and construction.
   (B)   Any such facilities or systems that exist and are operational, whether at the time of adoption of this Code or having been subsequently established and maintained in full and continual compliance, shall be eliminated and such service obtained by connecting to the appropriate public infrastructure, except that private wells and other potable water supplies may continue to be used indefinitely by a farm. Such connection shall be made within one year after the date that the public infrastructure has been placed in service.
(Title VII, Ch. 3, § 1.8.10)