§ 159.09  EASEMENTS.
   Easements shall be provided for all subdivision improvements that serve or benefit more than one property owner, to enable access to, use of, service from or by, operation, maintenance and any and all other benefits that may be obtained from or provided by such improvements. Subdivision improvements for which easements shall be provided include but are not limited to those improvements that are to be dedicated to the city, Urbandale Sanitary Sewer District or Urbandale/Windsor Heights Sewer District, Urbandale Water Utility, other governmental entity or an owners’ association. Easements for improvements being dedicated to the city, districts or Water Utility shall be dedicated by legal instrument on the city’s forms for such easements or as approved by City Legal Counsel for special purposes, in addition to being drawn on the final plat that is made of record.
   (A)   Sewers and water mains. Easements for sanitary and storm sewers, and water mains shall have a width that is not less than twice the depth of the sewer or main as measured between the finished ground surface and flow line of the sewer or main, or 30 feet, whichever is greater. Easements shall be centered over the sewer or main, unless an alternative alignment is stipulated by the City Engineer or Water Utility. Easements for sewer and water mains shall not be overlapped by easements for public or private utilities, including, but not limited to, electricity, natural gas and telecommunications, unless allowed by the City Engineer.
   (B)   Surface water flowage and storm water detention. Easements for surface water flowage and storm water detention shall also include storm sewers and appurtenances thereto as a permitted purpose and use, in the event that storm sewers may be necessary at some future date.
   (C)   Shared access. Easements shall be provided in accordance with whatever location, size, configuration and dimensions the City Engineer may stipulate in order to achieve and implement the requirements and intent of § 159.07(B)(9).
   (D)   Pedestrian and bicycle trails. Easements for pedestrian walkways and bicycle trails shall be 15 feet or more in width unless the paved portion of the walkway or trail is located within or in close proximity to a public street right-of-way, in which case the City Engineer may allow the easement width to be reduced.
   (E)   Public utilities. Easements for the mutual and nonexclusive use of all public and private utilities, including, but not limited to, electricity, natural gas, and telecommunications, shall be provided to serve all lots, and as necessary to energize street light lights, unless an acceptable alternative is submitted to and approved by the City Engineer prior to the filing of a final plat. Such easements shall be a minimum of ten feet in width when located along rear lot lines, and a minimum of five feet in width when located along side lot lines, and shall not overlay or overlap any easement for public infrastructure, surface drainage or stormwater management except with the express approval of the City Engineer.
(Title VII, Ch. 3, § 1.8.13)