(A)   Proprietor’s plat.
      (1)   A proprietor’s plat shall be required for any subdivision that proposes either of the following actions or outcomes, regardless of whether it is a major plat, minor plat or a replat:
         (a)   To divide a single interest in a parcel of land or other corporal real property into three or more interests, including declarations and establishments of horizontal property regimes and cooperative housing. For the purpose of making such determination, a conveyance of one or more parcels to the city or other public entity for use as right-of-way shall not be counted as one of said three interests; or
         (b)   To create a new street, whether by choice or by necessity in order to comply with minimum frontage or other Code requirements, and regardless of whether the street is to be dedicated for public ownership and maintenance, or held in common private ownership and use.
      (2)   Preliminary and final plats for minor plats, horizontal property regimes, and cooperatives may be filed for concurrent review and approval.
   (B)   Plat of survey. A subdivision that divides a single parcel of land or other interest in corporal real property into not more than two parcels or interests; a plat that combines several parcels into a single parcel to clarify or simplify its legal description; or a plat that clarifies the boundaries of one or more parcels of land that have metes and bounds descriptions and that does not create any subdivision, may be done by plat of survey.
   (C)   Acquisition plat. An acquisition plat may be done in the same manner as a plat of survey, regardless of the number or new parcels of land or other corporal real property that are created by the subdivision, if all of the new parcels or interests will be held in public ownership by the city or other governmental entity, or by other persons having the power of eminent domain for the purpose of acquiring such corporal real property.
   (D)   Auditor’s plat. An Auditor’s plat shall comply with all of the submittals and procedures that are required for a proprietor’s plat.