All users shall be obligated to follow strictly all rules at a designated skate park.
   (A)   The hours of the operation will be from sunrise but not earlier than 6:00 a.m., until sunset, not beyond 10:30 p.m. Any person attempting to use the skate park during any other time shall be subject to immediate eviction, in addition to any other penalties provided in this chapter.
   (B)   Skateboards and skates only, no other use in the skate park.
   (C)   No skating when surfaces are wet or icy.
   (D)   No more than one skater on a ramp at a time.
   (E)   No beginning skaters without adult supervision.
   (F)   No bicycles or scooters.
   (G)   No unauthorized equipment, ramps or obstacles; unauthorized apparatus will be confiscated for removal and/or destruction.
   (H)   No waxing of skate park surfaces.
   (I)   No alcohol or drug use.
   (J)   No glass containers.
   (K)   No littering.
   (L)   No graffiti, stickers or vandalism of property.
   (M)   No pets in the skating area.
   (N)   This facility will be closed down for violations of the posted rules, or for other warranted reasons.
(Ord. 2003-27, passed 12-23-2003) Penalty, see § 98.99