(A)   In addition to this subchapter, §§ 117.01117.14 and 117.30117.42 shall apply to open video systems that comply with 47 U.S.C. § 573, to the extent permitted by applicable law, except that the following sections shall not apply:  § 117.31(A) - (C) (regarding grant of franchise), § 117.31(F) (franchise applications), § 117.35 (rate regulation), § 117.36(B) (regarding franchise fees), provisions regarding certain penalties, provisions regarding franchise termination due to certain conditions, § 117.40 (transfers).
   (B)   In applying this chapter to an open video system, "grantee" shall be taken to refer to the open video system operator, "cable system" to the open video system, "franchise" to any authorization granted by the city to the open video system operator, and similar terms shall apply similarly.
(Ord. 2015-20, passed 11-10-2015)