The City Council hereby finds and declares that:
   (A)   The public rights-of-way within the city can be partially occupied by public utilities and other service entities for facilities used in the delivery, conveyance, and transmission of services rendered for profit, to the enhancement of the health, welfare, and general economic well-being of the city and its citizens;
   (B)   The public rights-of-way within the city are physically limited so that proper management by the city is necessary to maximize the efficiency and to minimize the costs to the taxpayers of the foregoing uses, to prevent foreclosure of future uses through premature exhaustion of available right-of-way capacity, and to minimize the inconvenience to the public from such facilities' construction, emplacement, relocation, and maintenance in the rights-of-way;
   (C)   The use of the public rights-of-way by multiple users renders more pressing the city's right-of-way management responsibilities;
   (D)   The public rights-of-way within the city are valuable public property acquired and maintained by the state and the city at great expense to the taxpayers; and
   (E)   The right to occupy portions of such public rights-of-way for limited times for the business of providing utility and cable services is a valuable economic asset.
(Ord. 2015-20, passed 11-10-2015)