(a)    Application for licenses for peddlers, solicitors, canvassers, itinerant vendors and transient dealers shall be filed with the Director of Finance on a form to be furnished by the Director which shall require, at least, the following information:
                 (1)    Name of applicant;
                 (2)    Home address of applicant;
                 (3)    Name and address of the person by whom employed;
                 (4)    Length of service with the employer;
                 (5)    All places of residence and all employment during the preceding year;
                 (6)    The nature and character of the goods to be sold or service to be furnished by the applicant;
                 (7)   Names of other towns in which the applicant has recently conducted a business for which license is herein required; and
                 (8)    A personal description and history of the applicant.
         (b)    The applicant shall furnish a recent photograph of himself not more than one year old and approximately three square inches. Fingerprints of the applicant shall be furnished and made in duplicate. The application shall be made at least ten days before the license is required.
         (c)    If the Director determines, after an investigation, that the applicant proposes to engage in a lawful commercial or professional enterprise and does not, based upon past record, constitute a clear and present danger to the residents of the City, he shall issue a license to the applicant.
(1984 Code Sec. 113.04)