The following design standards shall apply to mobile home subdivisions:
   (a)    The subdivision shall contain a minimum of five acres.
   (b)    Each mobile home site shall have a clearly defined minimum area of 4,000 square feet, with a minimum lot width of forty feet and a minimum depth of 100 feet. The minimum width of corner lots, however, shall be fifty feet.
   (c)    The subdivision shall have a minimum frontage of 250 feet. The ratio of width to depth shall not exceed one to five (1:5).
   (d)    A side yard on each side of the subdivision and a rear yard of thirty feet or more shall be provided around the edge of the mobile home subdivision. Such yards shall not be occupied by or counted as part of an individual mobile home site.
   (e)    There shall be a minimum clearance of twenty feet between the individual mobile homes.
   (f)    A maximum density shall not exceed six mobile homes per gross acre.
      (1984 Code Sec. 151.120)